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Motivation is the reason for acting or behaving in a certain way. The general desire or willingness of someone to do something. Triathlon is the ultimate test of extreme physical endurance challenge and mental strength. Training for a triathlon is a learning process.

Motivation and Goals

Learn how to become your own motivator. You must have clear and realistic motivation and goals.

  • Goals must be realistic.
  • The motivation to get yourself out the door for scheduled workouts must be self-imposed.
  • You cannot just depend on others to reach your goals or stay motivated.
  • Remember in a race you only have yourself to rely on for that kick of motivation.


Knowledge is power. Instead of doing a workout and not knowing its purpose, learn to understand the goal of each workout.

  • Organize and drive your workout  schedule and stay on course.
  • If you do not achieve your short-term goals, you will never realize your long-term objectives.


Success is the ultimate reward. Only when you cross the finish line can you take credit for your own success.

  • Crossing the finish line yields big returns in terms of self-confidence and personal satisfaction.
  • This kind of success can also translate to other challenges in your life.


Learn to become your own motivator. Self-motivation is important but surrounding yourself with a support network will keep you motivated. Before you begin training consider the benefits of structuring your own training plan.

  • No one knows your strengths and weaknesses better than you do.
  • Triathlon training is a learning process.
  • As you fine-tune what works and what doesn’t work, you become more aware of your body.
  • Training situations trigger a variety of different responses.
  • Self-coaching makes you tune in closely to your body’s responses and make honest assessments.

Hiring a Triathlon Coach

Sometimes after taking the time to plot out your goals for the upcoming season, you might want to consider hiring a triathlon coach. A certified triathlete coach can help you accomplish your goals. Goals can be learning better cycling techniques for longer distances, being able to run faster and complete a marathon, or improving your swimming stroke. With or without a coach, it all comes down to putting in the time and motivation of completing those daily workouts. Duration, frequency and intensity is what ultimately makes the difference.

3RIATHLON Camaraderie

For the ultimate in motivation join our 3RIATHLON Tribe. If you are passionate about health & fitness please join our worthy cause.

3RIATHLON® Camaraderie Group

A not-for-profit triathlon tribe connecting athletes passionate about extreme endurance challenges and improving community through sport.

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